Press article written by Marlies Schnaibel in the German newspaper « Der Havelländer » Märkische Allgemeine, November 2005:


Even more enthusiam and applause greeted the charismatic first prize winner of the Competition, Hélène Tysman, when she walked onto the stage. Four Mazurkas and one Ballad of her favourite composer, Chopin, followed by Ravel’s La Valse, brought down the house at Havelland. For this very special valse, the young French pianist was awarded “Prize for best interpretation of the XXth century work” by the Lions Club. […] We are all very much hoping and looking forward to hearing Hélène Tysman in Havelland again. »


Article written by Sontraud Speidel and published in the German Magazine « Piano News » in January 2007:


« As soon as the candidates embarked on the compulsory piece – the C sharp minor Nocturne Op. posth. – clear differences in quality started emerging. French competitor Hélène Tysman managed to give an extremely sensitive interpretation of the Nocturne with a fine rendering of its concluding four successive motifs played with consummate delicacy.


[…]The Mazurkas, which are always a good test to gauge the interpreter’s sense of Chopin’s music, were also required in the first round […] and there again Hélène Tysman knew how to conduct her interpretation with marvelous elasticity mixed with perfectly exact articulation.


[…] In the second round Hélène Tysman confirmed the positive impressions which she had left in the first, and even took it to new heights. Her F minor Polonaise, phrased with noble intelligence and rendered with great inner peace, was – just like her two Waltzes – true joy to the ears. And yet it was with her interpretation of the Sonata in B flat minor Op. 35, full of drama and contrasts, that she won over the full admiration of her public. […] In the concerto, Hélène Tysman displayed once again her remarkable multi-faceted talent.


[…] On 25 October came the conclusion of the 8th Chopin International Competition with a superb concert played by the finalists. The winner of the Competition, Hélène Tysman literally fascinated her public with a magical interpretation of the Sonata, and so did the other finalists, thus confirming the remarkable level of this last Chopin competition through their brilliance, their sense of expression and the level of their playing. »


Article written by Klaus Trapp in the German Darmstadt newspaper of 26 October 2007:


« […] The first prize as well as the prize for the best Polonaise interpretation went to French pianist Hélène Tysman. Her remarkable execution of the B flat minor sonata marked the climax of the concluding concert. Throughout her interpretation, Tysman showed great maturity in the way she managed the tensions in this work between drama and lyricism. She had previously delighted her audience with a rendering of the early polonaise in F minor played with rhythmic élan and noble elegance. »

Article written by Donald Rosenberg in the Cleveland newspaper in July 2007 :


« Helene Tysman applied fire, fury and yearning beauty to Beethoven's Sonata in C major, Op. 2, No. 3. She emphasized the work's mercurial qualities, finding the fine line between propulsion and spaciousness. In Gyorgi Ligeti's Etude No. 6, Tysman inhabited the swirling, layered sound world. »


Pianists’ words



Oleg Maisenberg, Vienna (2004) :


« Her musical gifts lie in the way she thinks and feels in an unusual, fresh and animating manner. »


Kevin Kenner (jury member of the International Chopin Piano Competition in Darmstadt), 2006:


« Hélène made a considérable impression on all of us on the jury from the onset of the competition. She has a highly individualised approach to the piano, with a unique sense of sound, colour and rubato, sometimes reminiscent of the vivid performances of great pianists earlier in the century. She demonstrated a full technical command of the instrument and a seasoned artistry that is unusual for a pianist of her young age. Hélène’s performance made an indélébile impression on me, and I have no question that Hélène has a very Bright future in music as a performer. »


Piotr Paleczny, 2007:


« It’s a pleasure and a satisfaction for me, to write a recommendation letter regarding to Miss Helen Tysman, the Young French pianist. Recently I have listened to Miss Tysman at the Cleveland Piano Competition where I was deeply convinced and satisfied listening to her very interesting interpretation of the 2nd F.Chopin Sonate. She was not accepted to the final – however her interprétation I will remember for a long time. In my opinion – this very interpretation – was one of the most interesting moments of the competition. Miss Tysman understands music and possesses high ability to transmit her inner emotions to the public. »


Pascal Rogé, 2008:


« I heard Hélène Tysman during the 2d International Piano Competition of Hong Kong where I was invited as a member of the jury and I personally considered her as the most talented of all competitors. Apart from her flawless technique, I was particularly impressed by her musical ideas and her very personal approach of each piece she has played. She was very convincing with her musical interpretation and she was able to express her emotions with a highly sensitive, spontaneous and subtle style. I recommend her very warmly and wish her the best for her career. I have no doubts she will be soon among the young stars of the international piano scene. »